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     It’s my birthday today. And, being the kind of funky, esoteric, quality-of-life kind of psychic I am, it got me thinking about Free Will and Time and how people react to them.

     Often, when I read a palm, see a long life-line and tell my client that she’s going to live a long life, something strange happens. She’ll make a face, or say something about not wanting to live that long. Not from a suicidal sense. Just not wanting to get ( insert dramatic chord here) OLD…

    What do you think that’s about?

     It’s not like age means misery. There are plenty of chronologically abundant people traveling, creating, achieving and living their dreams (and having a great time doing it!).

     It’s not like age means illness. There are many year-enriched people who are in better shape than I am.

     It’s not like age means the end of everything. There are lots of hyper-experienced people who find that getting older means they can stop living up to everyone else’s expectations and start living up to their own.

     It seems that certain societal stories have made such a bug-a-boo of getting older that people are afraid to even look at the possibilities. That the adventure still lies ahead…

     So, when that client makes that face, I sometimes wonder why she wouldn’t want to have the most time to live possible. Time to live, time to love, time to laugh and learn and light another’s way…

     And if that time doesn’t seem appealing, I wonder if the problem is not so much with all those many years, but rather more with whether my client is living a bright and wondrous life now.

     For me, the best age to be is whatever age I am. There’s always something new to learn, something known to get better at, someone new to meet. While I wouldn’t mind having my 20 year-old knees back, I’m glad to be 51 and excited about what’s yet to come.

     I wish that joy and excitement was something I could give to everyone. We’re all getting older, it’s a fact of life; and it seems a pity to me when people fear that rather than embrace it.

     And this is where our friend Free Will rides to the rescue…

     Free Will gives us the choice at every moment to be present and enjoy what’s happening.

     Free Will lets us chose to live our dreams instead of drifting through life.

     Free Will empowers us to love what we love and do what we love, even if someone else says we’re too old and should sit down and act our ages.

     And with Free Will, it’s never too late to chose to have a happy childhood. To live our dreams. To make the world a better place.

     Free Will rocks!

      Today is my 51st birthday.. I’m out of my first half-century and into my second…

     And I couldn’t be happier.

     Happy birthday to me!

     Happy birthday to you!

     Happy birthday to all of us!





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     In my last post, I went over the basic concept of Free Will – how you have been given the gift of the ability to make choices and therefore affect the quality of your life. We also looked at how the things you focus on or don’t focus on can affect the kind of people, things and events in your life.

     This post is about the Free Will of others. Just as you have Free Will, so do other people have the right to make their own choices, even if we think those choices are foolish, wasteful or wrong. Painful (especially if you care for those other people) but true.

     If those other people are making what you’d think of as bad choices, it’s o.k. to try to persuade them to change their choices. Reason with them, nag them, beg them, offer incentives or ultimatums…

     That’s all cool, because that person is still free to make his or her own choice.

     The ethical line in magick is that it’s not o.k. to take away that person’s right to chose; to cast spells, do energywork, or otherwise compel them into line with your own will. This is where you cross the line into unethical behavior.

     For example,

  • it’s o.k. to cast a spell to attract a loving romantic partner,
  • it’s not o.k. to cast a spell to make a specific person fall in love with you.
  • It’s o.k. to do energywork to be hired for a job if you’re the best candidate for it;
  • it’s not o.k. to do energywork to make someone else lose their job.

     When you violate the Free Will of others, you’re doing an unethical act. Even if that doesn’t matter to you of itself, it’s worthy of note that this tends to attract negative energy and experiences back to you (something we can all live without!). Not the best choice on your part.

     The one exception to this general rule is that, if someone is harming others, it can be ethical to magickally intervene. (We call this the “your-right-to-swing-your-fist-ends-at-the-tip-of-my-nose” proviso…) When you’re dealing with stalkers, batterers, pedophiles and the like, it is ethical to intervene to prevent harm or injury to people, animals or property, as long as you use the minimum force necessary to prevent said harm.(Grievious bodily harm to prevent your boss from yelling at you is right out…)

     When living in a magickal world, it’s important to do things ethically, to respect the rights of others even if you don’t always agree with them. Your choices affect the world around you.

     So chose wisely



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    And the topic for today is Free Will!

     What is Free Will? It’s the basic concept that God, Goddess, the Universe or whoever/whatever you believe in (because opinions vary) has given you the ability to make choices-good, bad or in between. By making these choices, you have the ability to a certain extent to influence the kind of life you have (as an example, people who make better choices tend to have better lives, although this is not absolute.)

     Some people believe that Free Will means that everything in your life is there because you attracted it to you. I have a more moderate view.

     I believe that many things in our lives are there because we focused on them, whether good things or bad. Like does call to like, both magickally and in the everyday world (ever see how people group by types at parties?). If we give a majority of our time, energy and interest to things that anger or frighten us, we tend to not only draw more of what we’re focused on (that noisy neighbor) but other things that make us feel the same way (a flat tire, beauracracy, crank calls).

     I also believe we can “drift into ” things we don’t like because we’re not focusing on the things we would prefer. When we’re not focusing on anything in particular and just drifting through life, I’ve observed that we seem to be more vulnerable to what I think of as “drive-by Karma” – that “wrong place-wrong time” situation.

      This doesn’t mean I’m advocating a ” blame the victim/if it’s in your life, it’s your fault!…” mentality. Far from it!. I just believe that using our Free Will to make better choices stacks the cards in our favor in the Game of  Life – and I’d rather play that game when the cards are with me…

     So, here’s your chance.

     Make some better choices and have a better life.

     Free Will Rocks!



PS In my next post, we’ll go even further into Free Will.

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