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We’ve been talking about obstacles in the path to your Dreams – how some are there to strengthen us and test our resolve and others are there to tell us that we are on the wrong path (whether heading towards the wrong dream or taking the wrong route to get there.)

And interestingly, as we’ve been doing so, life has been imitating art  for me…

As many of you who come here know, I’ve been working on self publishing my first book “Adventures in Palmistry”.

I’d been noodling around on it- tweaking words, editing and re-editing, putting in a lot of effort but not really moving forwards.

I have two friends who are runnning their first convention this coming weekend ( Changing Times, Changing Worlds). Starwolf and I are going to be teaching at this convention.

I saw my friend at an event at the beginning of the summer.

“It’s a pity that you can’t have your book out by the convention” she said.

And suddenly, a little voice in my head said “You just watch me….”

I buckled down hard on this. I stopped playing at editing, and really worked at it. And I had my manuscript ready to go by the end of July ( just after my birthday….).

It seemed like I had plenty of time…

But once I got into the self- publishing process, problems started to crop up.

New technological tasks I needed to learn (and I am not terribly tech savvy..),

Problems with formatting and transferring into a PDF,

Delays in getting information,

Rewrites to fit the publication criteria,

And though it all, the clock kept ticking……


Each time I finished a step, I felt the enomrmous relief  “There, that’s finally done!”

Every time another problem popped up, my heart sank, my stomach churned and I felt “Oh no, not again…”

At many times during this process, I even questioned whether I’d even get the book finished and published in time for Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

And here’s the useful point-

Every step along the way, there was a certain amount of fear and apprehension (Will I finish on time?…)

And every step, after that inital flash, I felt my spirit say “This won’t stop us!…”

And I buckled down once more.

One way to tell that these challenges were here to test my resolve was that “Oh, no you didn’t…” response.

I’m pleased to announce that “Adventures in Palmistry” has officially been published on Lulu.com.

And I have my first book signing at Changing Times, Changing Worlds this very weekend.

More information on facing those challenges is coming






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