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I’ve explored writing from a lot of different angles. I’ve written poetry and prose. I’ve written fiction and non-fiction. I’ve written blog posts and reports and articles and books. I’ve written for my own projects and for the projects of others. I’ve even written songs, both lyrics and music.

And now I’ve got a new and different kind of writing project.

You may know that one of the conventions that we work at is Changing Times, Changing Worlds in November. Well, C.T.C.W. is growing and one of the ways we plan to do that is by spreading the word about this wonderful conference to as many people as possible.

One way the conference is spreading the word is a new blog on the C.T.C.W. website. This will have posts by the speakers, panelists, vendors and other people  connected with the conference on a n assortment of metaphysical topics, as well as inspirational quotes and announcements connected with the convention.

So how do I tie into all of this? Well, I’ve signed up to be what I’m calling the “blog wrangler”. It’s my job to not only write, but also to ask folks to write, see that a steady stream of appropriate and interesting things appear on the blog and make sure  that the folks who write and give their time and effort to this are appreciated.

oh, and one more thing. To invite people to drop by and read us on a regular basis.

Want to check us out? Well drop by and see us on the Changing Times, Changing Worlds blog at http://www.changingtimeschangingworlds.org/news/

Drop by often. Make yourself at home. And then invite your friends to come by and see what’s happening at Changing Times, Changing Worlds.

We’ll love to see you.

Yippie ki yo ki yay….


Blog Wrangler





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