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Awhiles back, I was talking about our beliefs. How our beliefs tend to shape the nature of reality around us, for good or ill. How that’s why it’s a good reason to cultivate a more positive mindset, because it tends to manifest a more positive world.

All well and good.

Have you ever noticed though, when you start on any program of improving your own life, how things will go on along well for a while, and then suddenly, usually without warning, obstacles, barriers and challenges to your program start to crop up?

Unexpected commitments. People in need. Illness. Exhaustion.

And you feel like giving up. Maybe just for a while, until you can settle these things that are complicating your life.

This is the moment of Truth…

Sometimes, you will have to stop what you’re doing to straighten things out; but many times, these obstacles and barriers and challenges are only sent to strengthen your resolve, to test your commitment to your dreams and to your new path…

Sometimes, as I said, you may have to stop temporarily. Many times, though, the right thing is to use this time to build energetic muscle – to keep going, even though the going’s hard and even if you need to go at a slower pace

Conan the Barbarian said “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger”

And it’s worth finding the barbarian in you at these times






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