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… and a lot of us are feeling the stress.

Here’s something that can help54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800

Take a deep breath, and

Look up at the ceiling.

(Repeat as needed…)

Give it a try now. Focus on your stress for a moment.  Notice how it makes you feel, where it hits you in the body and in the spirit…

Then breath deeply and look up. Feel the difference?

While it’s no substitute for Prozac, most people find that when they do this, they feel more positive, centered and able to cope with whatever’s going on in their lives.

and that’s something we could all use

In the coming weeks, if you find yourself feeling depressed, stressed or afraid, please stop and take a moment for a stress release break.

It’s important to take care of yourself






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