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Words to live by- literally….

Speak With Kindness: How Your Words Literally Restructure Your Brain






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You can sit in a lotus position. You can chant. You can focus your thoughts nd calm the “monkey mind.”

But, when it comes down to the core of it, to better understand meditation, we need to get to know our brain waves…

Like so many other things in life, brainwaves are made up of vibrations- vibrations at different speeds. To give a simple overview:

  • At Beta, you are wide awake and alert but processing everything that is going on around you. A conscious state, good for concentration, cognition, and productivity
  • At Alpha, you are more focused and screen out extemporary stimuli. Relaxing and pleasant, great for stress reduction, visualization and creativity
  • At Theta, you’re in a “”twilight state” between waking and sleeping. Helpful for meditation, intuition and memory; and also helpful for reprogramming your beliefs, especially unconscious ones.
  • And at Delta, you’re in deep, restful sleep. Essential for health and healing.

( for more details on brainwaves, click here )

As you can see, different activities are better with different waves. And meditation both utilizes different brain waves, and helps us access them more easily in other situations. Most meditation falls into alpha state, theta state or on the boundary in between the two.

And that’s how meditation can be chanting, or mantras, or the lotus position; and can also be walking, or breathing, or doing the dishes. Any activity that you can do that takes you into that “altered state” can be a meditation, with the benefits associated with that.

So, what’s that state feel like? How do I know when I’m in that state? Do I have to put on electrodes to know if I’m meditating?…

No electrodes required (although feel free if you like…)

Let’s look at that altered state found in meditation next.






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Well, it’s almost Valentine’s day again.

Are you shopping for someone? Have you got your shopping done yet?

Well, if not, have no fear. Just as we did last year, Foresight charges to the rescue with 9 more metaphysical gifts for your valentine.

1)  Massage unit – Massage loosens tight muscles, supports a healthy immune system and feels great. While massage by a person (which is also a nice gift) feels great, there’s not always a masseuse around when you want him. A chair back massage unit or one for massaging the feet is the gift that keeps on giving

2) Hot chili peppers – Not only are they full of vitamin C for health, but they’re also rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

3) A visual focus – something to focus ones attention on for meditation or to focus your energy for manifesting things into your life. Could be something like a candle, a pretty crystal, a pool of water or a yantra (eastern pattern of interlocked figures used to focus mental and spiritual energies for such purposes as improving health or wealth or connecting with the Divine).  Both decorative and useful

4) Aroma therapy – different scents can energize you, relax you or stimulate your body’s ability to heal, and these scents are often part of personal care items such as soap, shampoo and  bath salts . (Be sure to check to see whether your beloved has asthma or allergies that might be triggered by a particular scent or scents).

5) Audios that stimulate your brain waves – You use different brain waves for different things. Theta for mediation and creativity. Alpha for relaxation. Gamma for focus and concentration. There are certain audio recordings, such as those produced by Dr Jeffrey Thompson, or those by Kelley Howell of Brain Sync that make it easy to access the brainwaves you need for what ever you’re doing.

6) Crystal wards – For the energetically sensitive beloved, a way to keep the good energy in and the challenging energy out (see Starwolf’s recent series of posts.)

7) A fancy notebook and funky pens – Use for recording your dreams (prior to interpreting them)or for writing things down in order to manifest them (as we know that anything you write down is much more likely to happen)

8 ) Rose quartz heart – I listed rose quartz on last year’s list, but it’s so nice I had to say it twice. The energy of rose quartz is gentle and loving, but strong (kinda like love itself). It smooths off rough corners, helps to resolve misunderstandings, and is an all-around good relationship stone, whether one’s talking love, friendship, family, work, or casual strangers.


9) Chocolate – Besides being sacred to the Aztecs (and 2012 is coming…), chocolate has a lot going for it. It stimulates hormones that duplicate the feeling of love. It’s combination of sugar, caffeine and a bit of fat helps empaths and other psychics to deal with and ground out excess energy better. It’s  good stuff. And it tastes good.

Not enough ideas? then check out our list from last year

Happy hunting 🙂






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Hi folks,

Do you ( like me) love to hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock for “Five more minutes…” of sleep?

Well, now you can use that delicious snooze to access your psychic ability.

Got a question, problem or issue you’re chewing over but can’t seem to resolve? Want to tap into your natural intuition for more insight?

Let’s try the “Five minutes more…” dream technique…

For this technique, you need:

  • An alarm clock
  • A  morning where you can sleep as late as you like
  • The ability to hit that snooze bar and go back to sleep
  • Enough fatigue to do so
  • Understanding housemates who will not insist you “get up now”

(Sounds like fun already, right?)

Before you go to sleep that night, set the alarm to wake you at a point where you estimate you will be rested but still able to drop easily back into slumber.

When the alarm sounds, hit the snooze bar then return to bed.

Allow yourself to drop off, thinking about the question you’re trying to sort out.

And watch for the dreams that are likely to pop up in those five (or six or eight…) minutes.

If you dream, you’ll often find vivid dreams with pertinent and useful information on your issue, once you interpret them (and we all know how to do that here, don’t we 🙂 ?..)

How does this work?

  • Having just come out of sleep and turning right back in, you’re still in alpha/theta or even a touch of delta. This is where your intuition hangs out.
  • Because you’ve likely just come out of dream state, you’re still half-way there and it’s easier and quicker to get back.
  • By thinking about your question as you drop back off, you’re programming the unconscious mind to access information on it.
  • By only allowing yourself the length of a snooze cycle or two, you allow yourself to go just deep enough to dream, but don’t go deep enough that you can’t remember your dreams.

If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll condition your unconscious. You’ll find yourself able to focus-dream the answers you need more consistently and easily.

And who couldn’t use that?

Give it a try…

See you soon





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