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Just a quick note to explain the Akashic Records. To put it simply, everything that was, is, or will be is recorded in the halls of the Records . And how do you access them ? As I said last week … Astral Projection.
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Ok , once you have left your body, what can you do? Well that’s limited only by your imagination .  See the Taj Mahal or Machu Pichu ?  They’re only a thought away. Time travel ? The past and myriad alternate futures are available to you.  And of course the Akashic Records, that great repository of knowledge can only be reached by the Astral.
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Ok, you’ve made it out of your body.  How do you get back?

 Easy –  just will yourself back.

But what if I get lost ?, how will I get back? 

Good news , you remain  connected to your body by a structure called  ” the Silver Cord”, so you always have a way back.
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Before I describe the process of Astral projection,  a couple of points.
1:Do not get disappointed if you do not enter the Astral on your first try.Like any skill, it takes practice.
2: Many people upon first achieving Out-of-Body experience “snap back” .  You start to move out and then BANG you’re back in your body, heart pounding .This is the body reacting to what IT thinks is you dying. Once again, you can overcome this with practice.
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We’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at symbolic dreams and how to get the information they bring to us.

But what if you don’t dream? Or don’t remember your dreams?

Full dreams tend to occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep. With few exceptions, most people experience REM at least once per sleep cycle (whether that is a full 8 hours or even during many naps), so data indicates that most of us are dreaming on a regular basis.

Many people don’t remember their dreams. Some don’t remember so deeply that they don’t even remember that they have dreamed.

That seems like a kind of impasse there, if you can’t interpret your dreams because you can’t remember them.

There is a way of working with that, though…

First, when you’re planning on interpreting your dreams, be sure you’ve got writing materials (pad and pencil/crayon and sketch pad/ birch bark and quill dipped in crushed berries/whatever floats your boat!) right next to the bed.

(When passing from dreaming to waking state, you come through several different levels of brain waves. If, on top of that, you visit the bathroom, go get a drink, then have to hunt around for something to write on, you might as well kiss that dream goodbye now and save yourself the trouble.)

Then when you’re in bed and drifting off to sleep, tell yourself repeatedly “Tonight, I will dream and I will remember my dream…”

If you sleep alone, you can do this out loud. If you share sleeping quarters, do this silently in your mind (it’ll work just as well).

The silent method is because you don’t want to weird out your sleep buddy, plus it’s far harder to dream if said buddy keeps thumping you with a pillow and saying “Will you hush up?!!!

How does this work? As you pass from full alertness (Beta waves) down through Alpha, Theta and Delta waves, your mind becomes more receptive to suggestions you give yourself. You’re, in effect, retraining your body to remember.

(For the record, this is an extremely simple form of self-hypnosis. If you have questions about that, please feel free to comment or email).

This may work pretty quickly, or it may take more time to work, based on parameters such as how deep you sleep, how receptive you are to your own suggestions, how much your sleep buddy hits you with that pillow, etc.; but the bottom line is that, if you keep doing it, you will begin to remember your dreams.

And, lucky you! You just happen to know how to interpret them…

More fun and games with dreaming on the way..






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     In previous posts (8/03 , 8/09 , 8/16 , 8/23 ), we’ve gone through the Heaven and Earth meditation , a classic, powerful visualisation you can use for grounding your own personal energy and for grounding out outside energy you don’t want to hold onto. We’ve also talked about using physical activity for grounding and what kind of activities would be good for that ( 8/25 ).

     On a related topic, let’s talk about food and grounding.

     For most of us, the action of eating or drinking is intrinsically grounding of our personal energy. It’s a physical activity that involves the physical senses. and tends to strengthen the connections between you and your physical body (I like to say that eating chocolate pulls me back into body because that’s where the toungue is so I can taste it!)

     Foods that are particularly grounding include fatty foods (including butter), meat (especially red meat), sugary foods, caffeine and my personal favorite, chocolate.

     Now some folks say that, because these kind of foods are grounding, they’re contraproductive if you’re doing psychic or metaphysical work.

      The concept is kind of like that of a hot-air balloon, with the grounding foods serving like weight that prevents one from getting lift and taking off.

     People of this viewpoint tend to feel that, if you’re doing psychic / metaphysical work, you should be on a vegetarian diet and be caffeine free.

     I respect this theory, but I do not find it true for me.

     I find that when I’m doing psychic / metaphysical work (especially a lot of such work), I tend to become poorly grounded, and my connections with the physical world become weaker. Amongst other things, this can make it harder for me to talk clearly, and to think of the best words to say to express what I’m “seeing”.

     Which, I’m sure you can see, could be a problem.

     I believe that  we need to be both grounded and spiritually connected to function at our best. Because of this, when I’m working, I’ll have grounding foods and liquids readily available, and eat or drink as needed to keep myself in the best balance between Heaven and Earth possible…

     (The therapeutic administration of chocolate! What fun!)

     Your results may vary.

  • You may need that ongoing balance through grounding foods, like I do;
  • You may only want to use food to ground after you’ve finished working;
  • You may chose to not have grounding food or drink at all around times when you’ll be working;
  • You may even chose to go vegetarian or caffeine-free in your life-style, to strengthen that esoteric bond.

     As always, you have Free Will and the choice is yours. Having the information, I’d encourage you to test it yourself and make your own personal choice about what feels best for you personally.

     That’s not all we have on grounding. See you soon.





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     I’ve been talking a lot about using energetic shields for protection under an assortment of conditions. Now I want to talk about another standard skill in metaphysics – energetic grounding.

     What’s grounding?

     Metaphysical grounding is connecting energy to the Earth, in order to increase the ability to manage the energy present and function effectively.

     In electrical circuits, you may have a third hole in a socket to hold the third prong on your electrical plug. This arrangement will drain or “ground out” excess energy, preventing harm to appliances or the electrical system.

     Metaphysical grounding works kind of like that. There are many reasons you might need to ground, but there are two that are the most likely:

     1) When you do a lot of metaphysical activity, you’ll find a point where you start to get unfocused or vague ( how much is a “lot” varies dependant on the person and the conditions prevailing…). You may get dizzy, start to slur your words or have problems making simple decisions( amongst other things)

             At this point, you’re poorly grounded. Processing more magick/ psychic/ metaphysical energy than your body is able to handle at the moment has made your energetic connection with the Earth and physical things, including your body, weaker; and interfered with your ability to function effectively in physical space.

     Grounding can strengthen that connection, enabling you to function well again,whether physically or metaphysically.

     2) Even if you have great shields, sometimes you’ll end up picking up someone else’s negative energy. For that matter, everyone has times where they generate their own negative energy ( had a bad hair day lately?)

     Negative energy can limit your ability to do things, mess with your health and attract negative experiences (since like calls to like). If you’ve got some, it’s best to get rid of it.

     Grounding is a way of getting rid of negative energy, and adding the intention that Mother Earth will recycle it into something positive can yield benefits for all.

     There are lots of different ways to ground, and we’ll be going over a bunch of these in posts to come.

     See you soon





     got questions? leave a post or email us at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com

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     In the posts on scrying, I touched briefly on the concept of intention. Let’s go into that in more detail.

     “Intention”  is a core concept for most metaphysical practices, whether meditation, energywork, focused prayer, visualization, spellcraft or any of half a hundred other variations on this theme.  At it’s simplest, intention is setting a goal or objective that will be affected by the energy you are shaping with your practice.

     An intention is like a roadmap that helps you get to where you’re going, rather than driving around in circles for hours.

      For instance…

     All visualizations consist of  images perceived in the mind’s eye. You can visualize for many different reasons- to relax, to drop your blood pressure, to improve your personal skills, to help with manifesting things in your life, and so forth. Any of those reasons could be chosen as an intention.

     If before you start visualizing, you chose an objective and set your intent for the visualization, some pretty interesting things can happen…

  • Your intent may affect the kind of visualization you do.
  • Your intent can improve the effectiveness of the visualization.
  • Your intent can focus the unconscious mind on achieving the goal you’ve intended.
  • Because much of the psychic ability, magickal ability and the mind-body connection live in the unconscious, your intent can generate metaphysical energy to make your intention real.
  • By setting an intention, you’re focusing on it and not other things. Because like calls to like, that focus can increase the power attracting what you’re focusing on (and other things with similar attributes) into your life.
  • Setting an intention also helps with the focus needed to attain meditative or altered states naturally. Brainwave states such as Alpha and AlphaDelta( also known as trance state) are helpful or essential for working with energy.

     And that’s only a few of the things that an intention can do for you…

     Without an intention, you may have a pleasant visualization, but not accomplish anything concrete or of lasting value.

     How can you work with intentions?  There’s more information on the way in my upcoming posts…

Catherine Kane



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