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We’ve talked about pursuing our dreams and letting our life missions give power to our goals…

We’ve talked about the Dragons of Resistance and how Kaizen can be our friend

We’ve talked about dreaming Big and about feeling like we’re too small to accomplish anything…

We’re on our way!

Now, has anyone besides me noticed that I talk about writing your goals down a lot…?

Well, there’s a reason for that.

There’s been quite a lot of studies on how people succeed or fail, how they achieve their goals or no, on how they accomplish brilliant, impossible amazing things.

People no different than you and me.

And you know one thing they found? They found that writing down what you want to achieve makes a difference in quite a number of ways.

  • They found that high school students who wrote down goals were more likely to complete school, end up with high paying jobs, and achieve their dreams.
  • They found that people who wrote down affirmations and posted them around where they saw them frequently (by the bathroom mirror, over the dressing table, on the car dashboard) were more likely to be able to break out of destructive beliefs and changed to more positive beliefs more easily;
  • They found that people who wrote an affirmation a thousand times were able to more easily clear out a destructive┬áhabit and reprogram a better one (ever wonder why your teacher made you write on the board?…)
  • They found that people who wrote down a list of things that they wanted to do were more likely to accomplish them even if they put the list away and don’t look at it…


And all it took was a few moments and a little ink.

Have you thought about writing down what you want to achieve next?…

More on the way…






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Well, look there!..

Today is 1/11/11.

How symmetrical. The numbers won’t line up again like this for another hundred years.

Consulting my numerology references, I’m told that 1 is good for leadership, goal achievement, willpower, unconventionality, creativity, individuality and great potential for success.

Seems like we could be tapping into the power of one today.

Got a goal you want to achieve?

A habit you want to break?

Something you want to succeed?

A dream you want to make real?

You could do worse than to take action on it on 1/11/11. Especially if you started at 1:11 in the afternoon….

And set your intention that the power of all of those ones will help you to make things happen.

You’re number one!






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