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For those of you who can’t get enough of that wild medieval stuff, once again the psychics of Foresight are taking you back to the new middle ages – but one where elves, fairies and magick are real…

Join us for three wonderful weekends  of the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire (June 18,19,25,26,July 2 and 3)

The court of King Tonitrous and elven Queen Erulisse is filled with noble folk celebrating the king’s latest victory – but all is not as it seems and treachery is afoot…

 Newly transported to the mysterious and mystical Warsaw Park in Ansonia, CT, the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is full to the top with adventure, magick, games, food and fun. Come see brilliant performers, shop for unusual items, and have the time of your life…

And stop by for a psychic reading from the psychics of Foresight….

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See you at the faire






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