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Let’s start with one of the most basic of meditation techniques, whether 5 minutes or full out meditation practice. Let’s start with the breath.

Find a time where you’re unlikely to be interupted. Position yourself comfortably.

Then just focus on your breath.

Feel yourself breathe in, and breathe out, and breathe in again.  Keep your attention on your breathing.

This is harder than it sounds….

At first, you may find thoughts jumping in to interrupt. We’re all so used to multi-tasking that a lot of us have problems  with simply focusing on one thing at a time ( even if it feels good and will do us good).

So you may find your list of things to do today, and old grudges, and thoughts like “This is stupid.”, “Ooops, I got distracted from my breath by thinking. I blew it. “, and “Drat, there I am, thinking again!” popping up.

Don’t fight these thoughts. That only makes them worse. Just return your focus to your breathing, without judging yourself.

You’ll find this feels really good after while. Very restful.

Focus on your breathing for whatever time you have ( 5 minutes; 10; whatever)

Then open your eyes, and go forth to face the day.

More 5 minute meditation work coming







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