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Last year on my birthday, I got to thinking about the experience of getting older and how to love it as it happens. And I had the honor of sharing those thoughts with you ūüôā

Here we are again¬†–¬†it’s my birthday (52nd this time). And this year, I spent part of my birthday living my dream.

I’ve always been a writer – poems and articles and songs and this blog, of course. But I decided that it’s time to dream bigger. So this year, I’ve been working on publishing my first book. I’ve been celebrating my birthday today by spending part of it¬† preparing my manuscript for publication.

Got to thinking-what better use for a birthday is there than using part of it to figure out what makes your heart sing and then going for it? Do I choose¬†to live another year of fitting into other people’s ideas of what I should be? Or do I¬† choose to have my best year ever, living my Life Mission and becoming more perfectly me?

Lots of people live lives of quiet desperation, or sorry mediocrity. But every single one  of us has greatness within us, and every one of us can choose to live in keeping with that Light that shines within.

A birthday’s a great day to set sail on the next new adventure.

¬†If it’s not your birthday yet, I’ll loan you mine….

Or you can start to live your dream on the 1st of January.

Or Thanksgiving Day.

¬†Or¬† next Tuesday…

Here’s wishing us all our best year yet!






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In my last post on the Power of Words, I talked about how words repeated create our beliefs, conscious and unconscious.

I talked about how those beliefs can work to sabotage us in the things we want to do, or support us in doing amazing things.

I talked about affirmations,and how we can use them to clear out the dreams that  destroy our dreams, and create new ones that let us fly.

I talked about the characteristics of an effective affirmation.

One of these was saying your affirmations with emotion.

And I’ve got a great example for you.

Hope you like this as much as I do

 Click here

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up this way everyday?






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I’ve been talking about beliefs. How words shape our beliefs. How our beliefs determine how we interact with the world.

This may have seemed very psychological. It¬† is –¬†but there’s more¬† to it than that.

Because the beliefs we have energetically shape the world around us…

Per the Law of Attraction, what we focus on is what we tend to get more of. Like attracts  like.

For instance, if you’re spending a lot of time complaining about pushy cousin Betty:

  • you may find that Betty starts calling more frequently,¬†and
  • you may find that you start having more encounters with folks who are just like Betty….

To use a technical term, ick……

So your beliefs, good or ill, don’t just affect how you see the world psychologically, and how you interact with it….

Your beliefs also tend to shape the world as you move through it.

Yes –¬†you’re that powerful.

All the more reason to have your beliefs playing on your side, as opposed to against you.

And words are amongst the best tools we have for this.

There’s more words coming…






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Got to thinking about a conversation that I had awhiles back with someone who was in a world of hurt.

As she talked, she kept telling me¬† about how she couldn’t let go of the situation that was hurting her. How exhausted and drained she felt. How she felt alone and trapped and without hope.

She had certainly been through a lot of challenging experiences. She had a right to feel down and stressed…

I really felt bad for her and all of the things she was going through…

But I was also struck by how the words she was using made the trap she found herself in stronger.

If only she could have told herself a little better story…

Told herself that she had the strength to get through this…

That she hadn’t moved on yet, but that she certainly could…

That she’d take something worthwhile out of this part of her life (strength or wisdom or compassion) and let the rest go…

Then this trap could have been a transformation for her.

I’m sorry that she’s still hurting.

But I wish that she could find it in herself to tell the stories that would set her free as opposed to make a hard situation worse for her…

And it made me think…

What kind of stories am I telling myself?…………..






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Hi folks,

I’m working on a project. And I’d like your input, if you’re willing to help.

As a palmreader, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many other folks reading palms these days. That’s a pity, as it’s a lovely, accurate, empowering method of divination.

Since I didn’t want palmistry to become a dying art, I started teaching it, both in person and online. I was told repeatedly that my students hadn’t been able to learn palmistry from books, but that my ways of explaining things left them able to read palms where they couldn’t before.

I’m honored by this.

So, as the next logical step towards reaching as many people as possible, I’m currently writing “Adventures in Palmistry”…

This book is based¬†on the online and live courses I teach on palmistry.¬†It’s ¬†52¬† “bite-sized” lessons taking¬† you step by step through what I’ve learned in¬† 40 years of practicing the art.¬†

The book ¬†includes lots of information¬†that makes¬†reading ¬†palms simple.¬†It also includes stories about my experiences in the field (with identities carefully concealed-don’t worry, folks).

I’m currently in the process of final draft/ edit of my manuscript, but I want to do my best to¬† make sure this book meets the needs of as many readers as¬† possible.

¬†With that in mind, I’ve got questions for you-

If you were reading a book like this, what kind of information would you want to see in it? What would be helpful to you in learning palmistry? What would you find interesting?

I’d appreciate your feedback,as it’ll help me be sure I’m covering what folks need and want to know.

And, as an added bonus, anyone who leaves a comment or sends me¬† email input at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com on this question will receive a free chapter from this book upon request (please leave your email address and say if you want the chapter-one man’s gold is another man’s spam…)

Your input is appreciated the sooner the better (by the end of June at the latest) so that I can finish my edit and head towards publication.

My thanks and I hope to be hearing from you soon.






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Hi folks!

As you may have read, this past Saturday I was honored to be in charge of the first Reiki share at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. We had a steady stream of  folks interested in learning about and experiencing Reiki; and the event was a success for all concerned.

As part of this event, there was a Free Will¬†donation bowl available¬†. I’m pleased to report that this event raised $48 that has been sent to Feeding America, a charitable organization that matches surplus food with soup kitchens, food pantries and other groups feeding people in America who’d otherwise be going hungry. (Want to know more about this excellent organization? Check out http://feedingamerica.org).

I’d like to thank Laura Lenhard, the owner of Talisman, who hosted this event. I’d like to thank the Reiki practitioners who lent their time and energy to this share, the folks who made a donation to Feeding America , and all of the folks who stopped by and made this a lovely experience.

Laura is planning more Reiki shares for the future. Due to other commitments, I will only be at some of these, but whether I’m there or no, this is still a lovely place to experience Reiki.

And, for those of you who’d like to learn Reiki, it’ still not too late to sign up for my Reiki I class on June 19th at Talisman (but do step lively if you want a space in the class).

Good vibrations to you all






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Have you beeen¬†wondering about where you’re going in life?

Could you use some insight into the path ahead of you?

Would knowing where you’re headed help you chose whether you want to go there, or whether you want to change the direction you’re going?

Have you considered a psychic reading?…

A good psychic reading can give you the information you need to exercise your Free Will, make informed and better choices, and have a better quality of life. It’s also a lot of fun….

Want a reading from Catherine? You can find me on May 1st reading at the psychic fair  at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. (203-261-0047) along with a number of other fine psychics.

Whether¬† you’re looking for a fun and interesting experience, or for information to help you make more informed life choices, it’d be my pleasure to read for you.

Hope to see you there






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Are you interested in the metaphysics of manifestation (that’s the magick of creating something that wasn’t there before)?

Well, “Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” gives you useful information and helpful tools to do just that.

This book is full of great ways to build your manifestation skills, put yourself in a better state to use those skills, and manifest better things in your life.It also teaches you the things and mindsets that prevent you from manifesting good things or cause you to create less desirable things; and  gives you ways to stop doing things.

In other ways, learn ways to create good stuff and stop creating bad stuff. Which is what we all need…

And it’s all so fun….

Esther Hicks, the primary author of this book, has given you a lot of good information on manifestation and how it works.She’s also filled the book up with processes or¬† games (because they’re more fun than exercises) that show you how to manifest¬† things from many angles and in many ways, so you have a wide choice of what methods will work best for you, both as an¬† individual and in the state you’re¬†in at any moment.

Trust me- no matter who you are and where you’re at at the moment, you’ll find something here useful to you.

¬†Esther channels Abraham, a spirit guide and non-corporeal Collective Consciousness (find New Age jargon a bit confusing? That’s a group of beings working together who aren’t physically present on this plane of existance) While I don’t totally agree with everything that Esther and Abraham have to say, I do believe that this is an important, practical and very useful book for anyone who wants to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to use it well.¬†

If you’re that person, this book belongs in your library.

And that’s why I’m recommending it. Because you folks deserve the best.







PS Esther and Abraham have produced a  large number of useful and helpful books and CDs, but this is the best one to start with.

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You’ve been looking at ways to find your Life Mission.

You’ve looked at

  • what activities appeal to¬†you now?
  • what things did¬†you love as a child?
  • at the end of¬†your life, what will¬†you have wanted to be remembered for?

You’ve looked at the things that these lists have in common…

And the shape of your Life Mission is probably beginning to emerge from the mist….

Once you’re starting to get a handle on it, want to give your Life Mission some power?

Then, look for the name of your mission…

Not just any old name – ¬†you want one that is juicy and exciting and carries the energy and joy of your mission in one compact but dynamic package…

Are you here to be

  • A Dream Catalyst?
  • The Minister of Fun?
  • the Key to More Open Minds?

These may seem like storybook phrases, but a good name or descriptive title can help you connect more strongly with your mission, giving you energy to see where you fit into any current situation and work your mission in he world.

Besides, it’s fun to be someone larger than life.

For example, remember in my last Life Mission post, I said that everything in my¬† life that’s wonderful and juicy is about helping people find and live their best and brightest dreams, so that’s my Life Mission.

I have a name for that.

I am a Fairy Godmother.

Because that’s a Fairy Godmother’s purpose-to help people make their dreams come true, no?

This may seem silly, but it’s a metaphysical truth that names¬† have power, and finding the name for who and what you are can give you the power to do what you’re here for….

It gives you focus ( as well as puts a smile on your face)

So, get your name on ūüôā






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We’ve been through three exercises designed to lead you towards your Life Mission-

  • Looking at the activities that call to you now;
  • Looking at what you liked to do as a child; and
  • Looking at what you’d like to accomplish in your life.

Past, present and future- three is a magic number….

Now it’s time to pull it together.

Set things up so you won’t be disturbed ( phone ringer off, family off to movies, quiet- whatever works for you) so you’ll be in a better position to tune into your inner wisdom. If you meditate or do energywork, try putting yourself into altered state or do whatever else helps you listen to your intuition.

Now,  put your lists in front of you and, tuning into your inner direction, start looking for information.

Try looking for

  • common themes ( learning? teaching? inspiring?)
  • are your preferred activities more tuned into self, others or both¬†(some of us are here to improve our own selves, some to¬† help others, and some a combination)
  • what is it that you like about your preferred activities? ( do you like shopping because of the feeling of accomplishment in finding what you want or the cleverness of doing more with less?)
  • what about your preferred activities do you not like ( this can help you weed out things that are not part of your life mission)?
  • what things jump out at you and almost sparkle?
  • what things give you that “idiot grin” or make you think things like “Yes!” or ” That’s it!”. To quote a friend of mine, it’s all about the “Yes!”

Questions like these can help you to strip away the elements that hide your life mission and bring it into the light.

It’s good to remember that, while not every bit of your Life Mission will be pure joy(some parts can be hard work, messy, or frustrating), you’ll know when you’re getting close by feelings of glee, joy or excitement( or that “Yes!”)

It’s also worth noting that Life Missions can evolve or even change as you pass through life (which means you may want to do this more than once in your life ….)

So take some time and sit with your lists.

What are you finding??…..






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