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“We can chose to be affected by the world or we can chose to affect the world.”

Heidi Wills, author





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 “And I’d like to give my love to everybody, and let them know that the grass may look greener on the other side, but believe me, it’s just as hard to cut.”

Little Richard







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” The question is not “Can you make a difference?”

You already do make a difference.

 The question is what kind of difference you want to make during your life on this planet.”

Julia Butterfly Hill, environmentalist





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A reporter, researching an article on tatoos, was looking through a book of flashes, examples of what images were available. On one page, he was surprised and a bit shocked to see a large ornate design that prominently featured the words  “Born to Lose” .

The reporter turned to the tatoo artist, asking him “What kind of person would get a tatoo like that?…”

“One who had it tatooed first on his mind long before before I touched his skin…” said the artist….


So, what do you have tatooed on your mind?






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On Sunday, we talked about the power of “Yes”. About saying “Ooooo! Aaaah! YES!” (…Thank you, Daniel Greenwolf…) to the things that that support you in living your Life Mission, and being extraordinary.

But part of the power of “Yes” is also knowing the power of “No”. Knowing when you need to say “No” in order to live your dream

  • “No” to fear- fear of failure or fear of sucess;
  • “No” to people who belittle or drain you;
  • “No”” to beliefs that bind you or make you less than you are;
  • “No” to living your life in a rut;
  • “No” to busywork, that distracts you from the activities that fuel your dreams;

Once you know your Life Mission, it’s a good choice to use it as a guide for the best way to spend your time, your energy and your resources. If you’re a painter, to paint. If you’re a healer, to heal. If you’re an inventor, to invent.

And saying yes to the things that support your dreams also means sometimes saying no to some of the things that don’t.

I’m not saying that everything you do needs to be about your life mission. There’s room in your life for T.V. and pizza, as well as for doing extraordinary things. But, long term, you’ll find yourself more happy and pleased with your life if you’ve focused more on living your mission than on random activities.

Saying “yes” to the things that complete you, and “no” to the things that just take up time.

One of the mantras I’ve been working for years is “I can do anything I want. I just can’t do everything  I want….”

 And chosing the things that sing to me, make my life better.

So I wish you the power of  “yes” and the power of  “no” and the wisdom to know which to use when….






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I’m sitting here in the dark of the night with visions of metaphysics dancing in my head…

What to write, what to write?

Shall I write about

  • divination?
  • making your dreams come true?
  • manifestation?
  • alternative health?
  • the hero’s quest?
  • moving outside of your comfort zone?

I’ve started down at least a half a dozen appealing trails tonight, and stopped dead again and again. Each article had potential, but there’s something else waiting for us all…

so I’m asking you, the reader…

What would you like me to write about?

Starwolf and I want to make this blog, as part of our mission for Foresight, as helpful and friendly a place as you can find. To this end, we take requests.

What questions do you have in metaphysics, alternate health, spirituality or personal growth? What would you like to know more about?

Let us know. If we know about it, we’ll write about it

Looking forwards to your questions






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Hi folks

I’m in the process of planning my classes for the Changing Times, Changing Worlds conference in Northampton, Mass in mid-November (by the by, this looks to be an excellent conference. You may want to attend this. Know I did…)

Anyway, one of the classes I’ll be teaching is an overview of ways of releasing negative beliefs.

As we’ve often discussed here, your words, your beliefs, your focus tend to shape the nature of reality around us. And many of us have negative or dysfunctional beliefs that block our ability to manifest the reality we’d like..

Beliefs like –

“Rich people are greedy, and nobody likes them.”…

“All of the good ones are taken.”…

“To be successful in your art, you have to suffer.”…

You know. The little time bombs of the unconscious that keep us enslaved to unhappy lives.

Now, if you’ve been reading me, you know I’m really into different ways of manifesting good things in life.

So it should be no surprise to hear that I’ve also made a practice of studying ways to defuse these little time bombs.

And that’s one thing I’m going to be teaching.

I’ve got a lot of material on this, and a finite amount of teaching time; so in the interest of giving folks the best class possible, I’d like to reach out to the folks here –

If you were attending this class, what kind of things would you like to learn?

Got input? Leave a comment on this note or email me at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com

Your suggestions will not only make this class better for all of the students who attend it, but also may suggest directions I should take the posts here.

Thanks in advance for any input






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When I was a little girl, we used to count white horses for good luck….

White horses were relatively uncommon. Whenever you saw a white horse, you said “Lucky, lucky white horse – ding! ding! ding!” as you tapped the palm of one hand three times with the thumb of the other, counting that horse.

When you got 100 horses, you were entitled to a wish!

And then you started counting again…

Basic folk magick at its’ best…..

But, what if it’s based on a flawed theory?

The theory that good luck and good fortune are rare, unusual and hard to tap into?….

What if, instead, good luck was plentiful and all around us, like the air ?

What if luck were something that we were naturally always in touch with, like the ground beneath our feet?

What if wishing were as easy and effective as breathing or dreaming or burping?…

Now these are not the beliefs that most of us have about good luck….

But, since we know that the beliefs we hold tend to shape the nature of reality around us, isn’t the belief that good luck is easy to access and happens often worth considering?

And, since we have Free Will, shouldn’t we chose the beliefs that are most likely to help us be healthy, prosperous, wise and happy?

Think about it…

What do you often see that might become a symbol of good luck on the way?….






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Now, I’m not claiming to be particularly wise.

Practical, mostly…

Fairly well-informed, probably….

But wise is something that I’m still working on here.

(It’s good to have goals.)

And looking both at folks far wiser than I am yet and at myself, one of the biggest pitfalls I find is this –

We know what to do and yet we do not do it!

We have the power to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit…

Make our days go smoothly…..

Manifest abundance, joy and serendipity…

And still we do not do it!

Now what’s up with that?

I call it “the foolishness of the Wise”. It’s that phenomenon where you have all the knowledge you need to succeed, but can’t or won’t or just forget to use it on your own behalf. Where you know better, but still you mess up, over things that you could easily overcome.

The fact that even the Wise are not proof against their own folly….

And you know what? This seems to be a very human condition, one that stretches across all types of folks.

A Universal Foolishness….

So what do we do about this? How can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot? Running ourselves through the same wringer? Making the same mistakes when we have the tools to transcend?

What do you think?

One way is on the way…






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We’ve talked about intention to overcome resistance. (See ” The Power of Words – Resistance is Futile! “)

We’ve talked about intention to set the tone for your day. ( See ” An Intention Experiment “)

But, did you know that you can set an intention at any time of day or night?

An intention for a bill payment to arrive on time…

An intention to find the perfect birthday gift during your shopping today…

An intention to find the misplaced piece of documentation that you need by the end of the week….

There are lots of ways to use intention to make your life better and more fun.

For instance, one of the things I use intention for is getting good parking spots at the mall.

This weekend, we had a very full agenda. Indeed, my mind was going six different ways at once, and it was only when we turned down the aisle at the mall that I realized that I hadn’t set a parking spot intention yet.

As  Starwolf drove, I hastily started to set an intention for a parking spot close to the store we were going to.

And , before I even finished the intention, a car pulled out of the third spot from the entrance…

I looked at Starwolf. He looked at me.

“That’s impressive, even for you” he said as he pulled into the spot.

Now, setting an intention is not an absolute guarantee of success. But it does seem to tilt the odds rather significantly in the direction of what you’re looking for.

As long as you’re being ethical and not interfering with the Free Will of others, you can get some startlingly interesting results. ( For more info on metaphysical ethics, please check out the blog category “Ethics”.)

So, what are you planning on intending today?






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