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We’ve passed through Fire…

We’ve come through the invasion of Time Travellers and Goths and Steampunks and other Adventurers…

And now, in the nature of all enchanted tales, we come to the third and final passage- Midsummer Magick Faerie Festival.

Three is a magick number….

There’s magic and derring-do, laughter and song, wonders around every corner, and the wild magick that is the Faerie path….

And the psychics of Foresight.

Want more details about what lies ahead? 

Click here and here

And join us at the final weekend of Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire. We’d love to see you






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This is to announce that Foresight is 10 years old. In July of 2001, Cathy & I brought Foresight into being at the Avalon Renaissance Faire. It’s been a GREAT 10 years. Thanks both to the staff of the various Faires and events we’ve worked and to You, the patrons , for without you, Foresight would be but an empty dream.






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Hi folks,

I’m working on a project. And I’d like your input, if you’re willing to help.

As a palmreader, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many other folks reading palms these days. That’s a pity, as it’s a lovely, accurate, empowering method of divination.

Since I didn’t want palmistry to become a dying art, I started teaching it, both in person and online. I was told repeatedly that my students hadn’t been able to learn palmistry from books, but that my ways of explaining things left them able to read palms where they couldn’t before.

I’m honored by this.

So, as the next logical step towards reaching as many people as possible, I’m currently writing “Adventures in Palmistry”…

This book is based on the online and live courses I teach on palmistry. It’s  52  “bite-sized” lessons taking  you step by step through what I’ve learned in  40 years of practicing the art. 

The book  includes lots of information that makes reading  palms simple. It also includes stories about my experiences in the field (with identities carefully concealed-don’t worry, folks).

I’m currently in the process of final draft/ edit of my manuscript, but I want to do my best to  make sure this book meets the needs of as many readers as  possible.

 With that in mind, I’ve got questions for you-

If you were reading a book like this, what kind of information would you want to see in it? What would be helpful to you in learning palmistry? What would you find interesting?

I’d appreciate your feedback,as it’ll help me be sure I’m covering what folks need and want to know.

And, as an added bonus, anyone who leaves a comment or sends me  email input at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com on this question will receive a free chapter from this book upon request (please leave your email address and say if you want the chapter-one man’s gold is another man’s spam…)

Your input is appreciated the sooner the better (by the end of June at the latest) so that I can finish my edit and head towards publication.

My thanks and I hope to be hearing from you soon.






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” People come and go so quickly around here…”

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland

It’s my regret to inform you that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be appearing at the Cookie Corner and Cafe after all…


They’ll still have good cookies though…

If you need your Foresight experience, you’ll need to get it in another way.

  • Drop us an email
  • Leave us a nice blog comment
  • Sign our website guest book
  • Send us a topic you’d like to see covered on the blog
  • Hire us for your holiday party

We’re here for you 🙂

And, whether you are in contact with us or not, I’d still encourage you to do something nice for yourself during the holiday season. It’s very easy to get so caught up in the “dreaded shoulds” or trying to create an impossibly perfect celebration that you lose track of the wonder all around you, and make yourself miserable in the practice.

So, take a break…

Treat yourself lovingly…

And have yourself a merry little Christmas ( or Yule or  Hanukkah or Quaanza or …..)

Peace to all






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When Starwolf and I first started doing Reiki, we found that using regular furniture made working hard on the back. So, after some research, of course, we trotted out and bought a massage table.

Given that I’m 5′ 1 3/4″ and he’s 6′ 3″, an extraordinary table was indicated.

More recently, I had a class inquire after the type of table we have. Here’s the pitch for any of you who are interested.

Our massage table is a Stronglite, Inc. table.

Things of interest:

  • It adjusts to good heights for Starwolf, myself and anyone else I’ve worked with to work either sitting or standing.
  • It’s sturdy( some of our clients and friends are substantial)
  • It folds compactly (I’ve transported it in the back of a Festiva)
  • It’s light enough that hobbit-like me can carry it (wouldn’t want to take it on a 5 mile hike, but for all practical purposes…)
  • The wider size (which we have) is wide enough that folks’ arms don’t topple off, but narrow enough to work across
  • It’s cushy (I’ve had one student take a nap on it!)
  • It comes in an assortment of pretty colors)
  • Body is attractive wood
  • You can fit your legs under it
  • It’s well-priced for what you get

I could go on and on (indeed, looking above, I just did!)

Now, I don’t get a kickback on this. I just wanted to share information on a really remarkable table.

So if you’re looking for a massage table, give Stronglite a look.

I think you’ll be happy with it…






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If  you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably noticed that part of it is announcements of where you can catch the psychics of Foresight for classes, readings and the other services we provide. You’ve also probably noticed that most of our blog is posts that teach you practical skills for living in this magickal world.

What you may not know is how we chose what we’re writing about…

Starwolf and I are both rather ecclectic. Each of us has been active in the areas of spirituality, personal growth, metaphysics and alternative health for over 40 years . Since our areas of interest in these fields are complimentary but not identical, we’ve accumulated a fair amount of knowledge between the two of us by now.

So how are we currently chosing what to write on? We’re pretty much riffing on what comes up right now.

What’s interesting to me is that, as I find myself ready to start a new topic, suddenly someone with a  new need manifests, putting my new topic in front of me.


  • I wrote on scrying because I met a woman in a bookstore who had questions about it.
  • The posts on energetic shields were for empaths I’d met doing readings who needed shielding skills to master  their gifts.
  • Folks trying to let go of the energy from emotional wounds of the past were the starting point for the posts on grounding.

You get the idea.

So where am I going next?

In the last 12 hours, while randomly reading a few other blogs , I’ve run across two unrelated people who were both rather stressed by portentious dreams ( one a crash of the plane she was about to take, the other a recurring dream about setting up with the band before playing a performance…).

There’s a need here…

So I guess I’m going to Dreamland next…

It’s Palmistrywoman to the Rescue!!!

Watch for information on Dream interpretation coming up…

(And, if you have questions about other topics metaphysical, magickal, spiritual, or in alternative health, or personal growth, please let us know.

If you want to know about something, and we’ve got the knowledge, your quest for information could spark our next information track.)

So, off to Dreamland!!!

(hee hee)


October 2, 2009



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I’m Catherine – a psychic, a bard, a teacher, a Reiki master, a metaphysical Christian and an enthusiastic student of the Universe (amongst other things…). I love to learn almost as much as I love to share what I’ve learned. My life mission is to help empower  people (including myself) to find and live the best and brightest dreams within them.

Amongst other things, I know a bit about palmistry, I Ching, dowsing, psychic skills, alternative health practices (such as Reiki and accupressure), meditation, altered states, angelwork, folk magic, the use of sound in energywork, hypnosis, past-life regression, and so forth.

If you’re looking for information, I might have an answer for you. And if I don’t , Starwolf might….

Let’s get this party started!


Want to meet the other half of Foresight? Click here

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Hi all. I am Starwolf, the male half of Foresight. I am a psychic of over 30 years experience, a Wiccan priest, a Shaman trained in both Core Shamanism and the Nepali/Tibetan Bon tradition, and a Metaphysical engineer dedicated to solving mundane problems using metaphysical principles and techniques.


Want to meet the other half of Foresight? Click here

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We live in a magickal world…

Amidst the ebb and flow of ordinary life, marvelous things are happening. Magick and metaphysics, psychic phenomena and psychology, prayer and energy work and the power of the human spirit all are coming together to create something amazing and wondrous…

A magickal world…

And where do you find the practical skills you need to live in a magickal world?

Here, for starters.

As Foresight, we’re a husband and wife team of professional psychics with almost 80 years of cumulative experience in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality and personal development. Besides cueing you in to where you can catch us for classes, readings and other useful and fun events, this blog will bring you information on the practical skills you need to live in a magickal world. Alternative medicine, psychic ability, energywork and many more topics in the knowledge you need for the adventure of life will be covered here, as well as updates on the ways that magick is afoot in the world around us.

It is our wish and our intention to provide the information on such topics as you need to make your unique journey in life a better one. You can help us do this by asking questions, and providing feedback about what topics you want to learn more about (comment here or email us at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com ).

Please let us know.If you want more information about the kind of topics we cover, a partial list can be found at our website at www.ForesightYourPsychic.com

Thank you for contacting us so we can create a blog that’s useful to you.

Welcome to the magickal world and the practical skills you need for living in it.

Welcome to Foresight.


renegade palmist




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