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Just back from the Hudson Valley Holistic Marketplace and we’re already planning for September.Feeling Energy

In a little over two weeks, on September 10, Starwolf and I return to  the Hudson Valley Holistic Market  at the Ramada Fishkill in Fishkill, NY. Lots of great vendors, readers, and classes  and a good time for all involved

We’ll be there as  Foresight, doing readings and selling my books.  Starwolf will be teaching grounding and I’ll be teaching Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) a method that combines affirmations with tapping on points on your energy meridians to release fears , phobias and beliefs that don’t serve you well. (Do you find yourself going through the same drama over and over? That may be due to a dysfunctional unconscious belief and E.F.T. can help!)

And it’s  free for you. How can you beat that?

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and join us at the Hudson Valley Holistic Marketplace






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