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Currently “Living in Interesting Times” is taking a vacation with my beta readers; and while it does, I’m back to working on “The Swans of War”, the sequel to my urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”.

Over the weekend, I’d started looking for a good picture for the cover, and the search was taking more than a little time. I found pictures of swans that were

  • peaceful
  • beautiful
  • serene
  • loving
  • pretty much everything but war like

Now swans, as you may or may not know, are beautiful birds, but they are also big and aggressive. An angry swan can break a man’s arm with the swing of its wing; and, in my novel, these are Germanic swan shape shifters, who are martial barbarian nomads with heavy accents, anger management issues and impulse control problems.

A pretty swan meant for the front of a wedding invitation wouldn’t do.

So I had searched through page after page of “pretty but not the right” swans on Fotolia, Good Bye Tol Eressea, Hello Eldamara site where you can purchase the rights to photos and illustrations, and I’d just about given up..

and then I found it.

Tentatively, here’s the picture for the cover of the Swans of War

and I’m doing the happy writer- publisher dance.






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