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…and now I’m back to work on my next book for public circulation

There’s an old vaudeville joke about a curse that goes “may you live in interesting times…”

well here we all are, living in those interesting times. That’s rough for just about everyone, and even rougher for folks who are psychically active or energetically sensitive.

And so, I’m writing a book about practical energetic techniques for living in interesting Female entrepreneur on the street with stormtimes. These are things that can help in times of great social upheaval, such as we have now, but also apply to personal challenges, like health issues, family emergencies, the loss of a job or other such times of chaos.

I’m just about  to the point where I can start editing my rough draft, before running it by my beta readers, and doing any re-writes I need to do. Am hoping to have this out later this year.

Hoping your times are only as interesting as you like them to be






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