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There’s a lot of different spiritual paths and many of them have some kind of holiday or 577442_3521710873755_1617833526_ncelebration in December. For a lot of us, it’s the holiday season, and that can mean joy or peace or family or spiritual practice or giving or running around jingling those bells.

It can be a time for spiritual practice. it can be a time for rejoicing. it can be a time of giving and partying and having a good time.

It can also mean stress. The holiday season has so many things packed into it that people can go overboard and try so hard to make it a “perfect” holiday that they create stress, and may even spoil the holiday they’re trying to make perfect

I’d encourage you to enjoy your holiday, but to also let good enough be good enough


Take a deep breath

Think of what holiday practices are important to you and the people you love.

Don’t try to do everything. Do what you can without making yourself crazy and then stop

and enjoy the beauties of the season instead of making yourself crazy

Happy holidays






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