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well that was interesting

Yesterday was a very busy day, with a lot of stuff to do before I was out on the road for a In expectation of miracleconsiderable amount of time.

Of course, that was the day that the phone and the connection to the internet started to go on and off on and off on and off.  This is particularly crucial because my landline and my internet are the primary way that my day job communicates with me, sends me new referrals, asks me questions and in general keeps the connections going. My landline is the number I also give out to my clients, because I have a cell but I rarely have it on. (If I’m out, I’m either driving and shouldn’t be talking on the phone or with a client and shouldn’t be talking on the phone, and besides, I prefer to get all of my phone messages in one place…) I have the cell for emergencies, but not my main contact; so that makes this a big deal, especially on a day when I didn’t have much time to deal with it.

I sighed. I pouted. I rebooted the modem two or three times, and used the troubleshooting settings on the computer.

No joy.

and so I called the phone company. and, believe it or not, the wait was shorter than usual, they sent someone out and he finished the job on the minute I needed to hit the road

it seems a series of lightning strikes from recent storms had caused some wear and tear on the grounding systems


and tonight, I get home and everyone is chattering about Mercury going retrograde starting today


for those who don’t know, mercury retrograde is said to make communications more difficult. The current round starts August 30 and runs until Sept 22

please note tho, that Mercury retrograde is not like some kind of Hollywood curse. It’s a tendency not an absolute, and a cue to think carefully before speaking your truth.

Today communication became harder for me but it was also easier than usual as well. There’s a definite message in there some where and I’m gonna have to meditate on it a bit to figure out what the Universe is trying to tell me

So how’s your communications going?






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