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Saw a meme on Facebook the other day, it said the cost of success was

  • late nights
  • early mornings
  • very few friends
  • being misunderstood
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • questioning your sanity
  • being your own cheerleader


I’d agree with being your own cheerleader. I think everybody should do that.54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800

but it seems to me that the rest of that list are things that are optional, not mandatory. What if, instead, success meant

  • doing things at the time that works best for you
  • spending time on the things you love
  • traveling with a tribe of friends who are enthusiastic about your dream
  • being unique
  • feeling excited about all of the great things you are doing
  • wondering why other people won’t put their energy in service to their dreams…

What if success wasn’t a negative experience? What if it was working and playing hard at something that feeds your soul- and delightful experiences while you do it?

Lets tell ourselves better stories about success.

Work hard. Play hard. Succeed. Feed your soul.

And have a great day






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