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I like affirmations. I like subliminals too. I’ve been working with both of them for almost 40 years and I’ve found them a powerful tool for changing myself and my life in ways that I like.

Most of us has dysfunctional beliefs, ones that don’t do us any good. Those beliefs are caused by people (some well meaning and some not) telling us things over and over that limit us or work against our highest good. Things like

  • don’t show off.
  • money is the root of all evil
  • don’t trust people

These end up as part of our unconscious belief patterns because we’ve heard them repeatedly, and our unconscious mind will do everything it can to make those beliefs true. I’ve found that affirmations and subliminals are two of the best ways to clear out beliefs that don’t serve us, and replace them with ones that do

What’s an affirmation? It’s a positive statement that is repeated over and over to install 54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800new beliefs in the brain. We got the dysfunctional beliefs through repetition and affirmations help us to write over that belief with one that serves us better.

What’s a subliminal? It’s an affirmation that’s sent in a way that we don’t really notice it. It may be visuals that flash on a screen fast enough that we barely notice them, or an auditory track that’s buried under music or sound effect so that you can barely hear it. The fact that it’s hidden decreases  the odds that your own natural resistance to change will kick in, so change because easier because you’re not fighting yourself@

I like both and have be using them for years, but this weekend , I ran across a program called Subliminal 360 that lets me flash affirmations that I’ve chosen or approved at a subliminal rate on my computer screen while I’m sitting here writing. Very customizable and I can also burn custom auditory subliminal MP3s is I like to carry about with me.

I’ve been using this over the weekend and have enjoyed it very much. Even feel like I’m beginning to see small changes in my behavior, so good stuff.

If this is the kind of thing that might interest you, you can check it out at Subliminal360

and no matter what, hoping that the changes you want go well for you






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