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We’ve talked about a lot of different things that you can do to cleanse your metaphysical tools of negative or unwanted energy-

  • intention
  • sunlight
  • moonlight
  • water
  • earth
  • air
  • fire
  • salt
  • and of course energy

Now let me mention a simple way to use any of all of those, separately or together.

Were you aware that you can use visualization to cleanse something of that unwanted energy?

No really. Settle yourself teal aura eyes Ccomfortably for a moment. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the act of clearing the negative energy out of that item. see yourself smudging with sound, or settling it in moonlight, or burying it in the earth. Picture the unwanted energy as a visible presence that you can see floating out of the item and away

Be sure that you set an intention that that energy is disposed of safely or recycled into something positive

Just remember that you can clear the energy with the power of your mind

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