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Wow- there’s sun, moon, water, earth, air, fire. That’s a lot of ways to clear negative or unwanted energy. Let’s talk about another way now-let’s talk salt.

Salt is a generally useful element. It can be used as a barrier to block out negative energy, Alternative Pain Management 28355_385308303291_172408108291_3958422_5743421_n[1]entities, or beings. It can be used to absorb negative energy so that that energy can be taken away and disposed of.

To clear tools with salt, you can bury them in a container of salt and give them time for the salt to do its stuff. You can also fill a spray bottle with a saline solution, and use it to spritz items that cannot be buried.

Keep in mind that salt is not the right method of clearing every tool. Salt is corrosive and can eat away certain materials, such as a painted surface or a soft and porous crystal. Just like you might do with a spot on a piece of clothing, do a spot test first, to make sure your tool isn’t harmed by salt, and, if in doubt, try a different way of clearing it.

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