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The weather is eccentric, but we’re gradually heading back into the warmer part of the 577442_3521710873755_1617833526_nyear, and in a little bit over two weeks, the psychics of Foresight will be back in the field again.

Join us on April 23 from 10 -6 at the Connecticut Pagan Pride’s Beltaine event at the VFW at 152 Massirio Drive in Berlin , Connecticut. It’s a day of education, networking, entertainment and fun, and admission is only $1.

There are lots of classes at this event, including Starwolf teaching Warding (something everyone should know how to do.) There’ll be lots of vendors, including the psychics of Foresight doing readings and Reiki and selling my books. There are collections of non-perishable food items and pet supplies for local charities; and there are other interesting activities as well.

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And we hope to see you in two weeks at Connecticut Pagan Pride’s Beltaine celebration.






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