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As  we’ve said before, the things in your life tend to affect the level of your energetic field; and the level of your energetic field tends to affect what further kinds of things you attract into your life.

Are the things and people in your life primarily ones that you like and enjoy? You’ll tend toCopy of Fotolia_44996157_M attract more of those.Surrounded by negative people and negative experiences? You’ll tend to attract more of these kinds of things.

Now, we can’t always control what kinds of experiences we have in our lives. Manure occureth. What we can do is to nurture ourselves and make choices that increase the amount of good things, people and experiences in our lives.

And one way to do that is to play like a child…

Many of us have actually forgotten what we like. We’ve forgotten what pleases us as individuals, as opposed to what society tells us should please us. If that’s where you’re at, one of the best ways to get back in touch with yourself is to take a chronical roadtrip and  think about what you liked as a child.

Did you like:

  • coloring with crayons?
  • making things?
  • taking things apart and putting them together?
  • playing with other kids?
  • running games?
  • games with rules?
  • games where you made up the rules as you went along?

The kinds of things you liked as a child can give you clues to activities that you can use to nurture yourself as an adult (the kid that colors may be an adult that uses color to make himself feel more positive or creative) or you may even find that returning to those kids activities literally may make you happy and raise your energy level(maybe you just want to color with crayons….)

Either way, checking in with what made you happy as a child is a great way to get in touch with what can make you happy as an adult.






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