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Do you love to read? Me, too.

Reading is a magic carpet that lets us fly away to enchanted and exotic lands. Reading lets us learn things that  we wouldn’t have the chance to learn if we didn’t have books/Reading lets us ask “what if?” and shape the world around us with the answers.

And reading can teach us things about ourselves too- things we may not even have realized.

Try this…

Make a list of your ten favorite books (or at least ten books that you really love…)

Now sit down and look at those books. What do they have in common?

The answer to that can teach you something important about yourself….

The books I love the most tend to have one of two themes (or possibly both). They’re about how ordinary people in extraordinary situations can become extraordinary themselves; or how magick is all around us and the universe is not as small and ordinary as we think…


So what does the reading you love have to say about you?






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