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We live in a fast moving world these days, and people have gotten used to the concept of instant results. Constant communication access. Fast food. 24 hour delivery.

Got a pain? Pop a pill for fastfastfast relief

And I think, because of this, people are often surprised and even outraged when some things take time.

But that’s how some things are. Some times you’ve just got to hunker down and do the work before you can see results. And one place this can happen is in metaphysics.

There are some things in metaphysics that can be amazingly quick to happen- but often you have to give some time and energy to a practice before you’ll get places.

  • Want to be comfortable with praying in any situation? The more times you pray, the easier it will become for you.
  • Want to get good at meditation? Easily accessing an altered state takes practice (perhaps that’s why they talk about a meditation practice…)
  • Want to do acupressure? It takes time to learn all the points and meridians.

And this concept of doing the work seems to be hard for some people. Where’s their instant Nirvana?54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800

We have someone that we’ve seen a couple times a year for quite a number of years now. He’s a nice guy. He’s had some distinctly metaphysical and spiritual experiences. And he’s motivated for more.

And every time he sees us, he asks the same questions about how to achieve his goals. And we give him the same answers. And he doesn’t follow through

He keeps asking if there’s some simpler way- some “magic bullet” that will shoot him straight to what he wants with no further delay.

Without doing the work….

Based on his skills and approaches, there isn’t. We tell him this- and the next time we see him, he’ll be asking the same thing again. It’s as if he believes that, if he asks enough times, the answer will change and he’ll get what he wants as soon as he wants it. Like now….

It’s sad to watch him- and the saddest part is that, if he’d just done the work as opposed to fishing for shortcuts, he might actually be where he wanted to be by now.

Sometimes you just need to do the work.

Although sometimes….






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