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We’ve talked clearing your tools with the light of the sun and of the moon. We’ve talked clearing your tools with water, with earth and with air. Now lets talk about clearing your tools with the fourth element-fire.

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In the last post on clearing your tools with air, I talked about smudging with sound. When using fire to clear  your tools, we go to more traditional smudging, often done with the smoke of burning sage, sweet grass or thyme. You can  create the smudge by putting some sage on burning incense in a brazier, or by lighting a smudging bundle of sage and partially extinguishing it, so it smolders and puts out the smoke you’re looking for.

Smudging is often done to clear the energy of a space, but you can also use it as a method of clearing tools of energy. To smudge one or more items to clear them of unwanted energy, you can:

  • move your items through the smoke rising from a smudging brazier, or
  • place your tools in an area, and then smudge the entire area with a smudging bundle.

As you smudge, remember to set your intention that all negative or unwanted energy will be cleared by the smudging, leaving your tools clear and ready to use.

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There’s more clearing coming in the future…






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