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We’re all on the path to enlightenment, but we also all have different stars to steer by, different goals we’re heading for and different paths forgetting there. That’s fine though- it’s not a one size fits all universe.

As if that were not enough, most of us face challenges along the way, and one of the primary challenges is clearing away the stuff in our lives that isn’t really about our journey so we can see the things that are.

Clearing. Simplifying.  Finding our focus and our life’s mission and then staying on the path…

Ran across a one year course on doing just that. Thinking about taking it to see what I can clear away and what I’ll find if I do. Amongst other things, I find it interesting that, while the course is not free, the student gets to pick what he’ll pay for it.

Thought this might be of interest to my other fellow travelers in the universe, so I’m sharing the link here.

A Year To Clear What is Holding You Back!

Check it out and see if this could be the next step on your journey.






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