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Here we are in the dark time of the year, and it’s easy to get down and blue when the days are short and dark and cold. When we get the blues, the vibrational level of our  energy fields also drops down lower, and tends to attract more of the things we don’t want and less of the things we do.

How do we break out of this downwards cycle? Well, as noted in previous posts, you need to fill your own bucket. You need to pay attention to what gives you joy or strength or peace and make a point of making time for more of that in your life on a regular basis.Copy of Fotolia_44996157_M

But what if you don’t know what that is?…

Many of us have spent so much time doing the things we’ve been told are important that we’ve lost track of what actually makes us happy. We rarely get a moment to nurture ourselves… and when that moment occasionally happens, it speeds by and is gone before we can figure out what to do with it.

There’s lots of good ways to figure that out, and I’ll be talking about them in upcoming posts. For now, I’d like to recommend a book called The Woman’s Comfort Book by Jennifer Loudon. It’s a great reference for figuring out and remembering how to nurture yourself. Check it out and enjoy.

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