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Mainstream medicine does a great job of helping us return to health when we’re sick or injured. Alternative health does a great job of Copy of Fotolia_44996157_Mhelping us keep from going there in the first place.

But it’s not always fun or easy to live a healthy life style. So, one great gift can be something that makes it easy and fun.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Likewise, you cannot make someone do things that you think would be healthy for them. Different people have different needs and interests, and what you think is great might be just what that person doesn’t need

But, sometimes people are ready and interested, and all that they need is a little help to get started. And at that point, that little help truly is a gift


55-60% of the human body is made up of water, and both mainstream and alternative medicine agree that one of the most healthy things we can do for ourselves is to drink enough clean water everyday, (Something a lot of us have problems doing.)

Want to give the gift of hydration? A water filter, whether attatched to the tap or on a pitcher or water bottle provides a regular source of water that’s clean and free of many impurities. A fun water bottle makes it easy to keep track of how much water you’ve drunk and to carry water with you (and therefore drink it) throughout the day. (Aluminum has a possible link with alzheimers, and some plastic can leach chemicals into the contents with prolonged use, so the best choice is a stainless steel bottle.)

A healthy meal-

In this crazy, multitasking world, it’s often easier and more convenient to grab some fast food or convenience food when the day is busy. While that’s ok in moderation, it’s not always the most healthy choice.

To give the gift of nutrition, it’s first important to remember that a meal isn’t healthy if the person won’t eat it. Pushing an extreme dietary change on someone who doesn’t like it is not a gift.

That being said, you can offer to cook something healthier that your recipiant does like, or take them out for a healthy,balanced meal, or give them a gift certificate to a food service (such as one offering fruit, or prepackaged healthy meals) where they can make their choice of something healthy.

Environmental sounds –

The modern active lifestyle can create stress, and it can be difficult to calm down and release that stress at the end of the day.

Environmental sounds, whether music, sound effects, or sounds of nature are designed to be played quietly in the background as you go about your day, and to lead your brain waves into more calm, relaxed, less stressed patterns.

Two good sources of these recordings are The Relaxation Company (http://www.soundstrue.com/relaxationco/index.php)     and Brain Sync(http://www.brainsync.com/)  (Free samples at Brain Sync)

The gift of rest-

One of big causes of illness and injury these days is insufficient rest. Folks are so busy trying to be all things to all people that they end up not getting enough sleep and downtime. And stress doesn’t help with this either.

One way you can give the gift of rest is to give the gift of your time. Is there something you could do for that person to free up some of their time so that they can take a nap/ get to bed earlier/ or just relax? There are many things (child care, errands, cooking) where it only takes slightly longer to do them for two people than it does for one, and the time and energy you save the recipiant of your gift can be the best thing you can give them.

So there’s four things from the world of alternative health that you can give to people you care for to make their world a better place. More ideas coming up in the future






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