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Another way to clear your tools of unwanted energy is to use water. Water works well from a number of reasons.

  • It’s one of the four elements.
  • It’s fluid and  flexible.
  • It’s powerful (given long enough, a drip of water can wear away rock.)
  • And, when we think of cleaning, we tend to think of water, and that symbolic link makes it good for energetic cleansing as well.teal aura eyes C

There are a number of ways to use water to clear a tool energetically. Two of the better ones are

  • You can put it in a container filled with water to soak, setting the intention that the unwanted energy will release into the water and you can discard it later, or
  • You can hold the object under running water, setting the intention that the unwanted energy will be washed away and return to the earth to be transformed into something beneficial.

It’s important to note that some items can be damaged by water

  • Some crystals are soluble and can dissolve in water
  • Some other items, such as ones made of paper, may dissolve

If there’s any question whether a tool might by damaged by water, you would want to use a different method for clearing its energy

More ways to clear tools are coming…

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