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As some of you may know, I’m a psychic empath, and I’ve worked hard through the years to develop the skills that I needed to get some control of my gift (You’re born with the gift, but you’re not born with the skills that you need to manage it.)

At the suggestion of a friend, I recently joined an online group for psychic empaths. There I found quite a number of folks who were talking about how painful it was to have such an out of control gift, a lot of folks who were asking for information on how to get some control and hardly anyone who seemed to have any idea about how to make that gift a gift as opposed to something oppressive.

Being a helpful person, I made a few suggestions and mentioned that scan0001there were ways that people could get some control and make their gifts a positive thing. I said that suffering was optional.

Well! You would have thought that I was the Antichrist! In short order, I was attacked repeatedly, told that only “lesser empaths” could get any control at all, accused of being insensitive to the pain of other empaths and told that I wasn’t an empath at all.

Whew! That’s crazy talk.

This kind of floored me. If these folks were in so much pain, why the heck would they fight so hard to keep that pain?

Thought about it a bit. Realized that, for these folks, that pain made them feel “special” and important. It’s a shame- they already were special and important, both because they have a gift and because everyone is special. If only they could realize that letting go of the drama would actually feel better than clinging to their limitations.

Well, I helped the ones who were ready to learn something and move forwards out of limitations, and then I moved on as well. Just as pain is optional for them, so is it for me. I feel bad though for all of the folks who were clinging to their pain. I hope that they, someday, get to the point where they’re ready to let their pain go and do something better with their lives.

I hope your week is going well, and that you are moving forwards in the direction of your dreams






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