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Whether you’ve got a metaphysical tool that’s picked up some energy you don’t want to hold on to, or whether it’s a new tool and you don’t know what it’s already carrying, you’re gonna want to clear your tools of unwanted energyteal aura eyes C

One way to do that is with sunlight or moonlight.

Natural light, especially when paired with an appropriate intention has a great deal of power for clearing out that negative energy. Some people will leave a tool in the sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours, others prefer a full solar or lunar cycle.

Find a place where you can leave tools so that they are exposed to sun or moonlight but still safe and private. Some folks like to leave them outside- I usually put crystals and other items in the bathroom window on the back of my house, where they can take the sun without someone else helping themselves to them

When your tool has had its sun bath, pick it up, close your eyes and pay attention. How does it feel- does it feel clear and open to you, or is it still buzzing with excess unwanted or negative energy? Sometimes tools may need additional time to clear.

More ways to clear tools are coming…

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