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Last week, I did a post ( Magick and Movies and TV , oh My!) about someone we heard from who wanted to experiment with metaphysics, didn’t really know a lot about what she was doing, and tried some things without taking any basic safety precautions to increase the odds of getting what she wanted  as opposed to a dramatic “Kids, don’t try this at home” experience

Yep. It’s been that kind of week

We’ve consulted with her, the problems that resulted seem to be resolved for the most part, we’ve advised her to get better information and to take safety precautions if she tries to do something else, and we hope that she’ll take that advice.

Now, part of the problem seemed to be that she got a lot of he information on metaphysics from the popular media. Movies, tv, anime, etc.

Now it is possible to learn worthwhile information from such sources, but you’ve got to remember that the job of the movies and tv is to tell a compelling story, as opposed to educate you. This means that, if they have to chose between giving you useful and accurate information or telling you something that will build excitement and drama, most of them will choose excitement and drama every time

And this means that crucial information may be altered or left out, because an episode where every one is safe and happy and remains safe and happy for the length of the story makes for a very dull story indeed

(one example I tend to think of is a series where, every week, there was one or more demons teleporting into a witch’s home, like she had some kind of infernal revolving door installed. Now

a) a knowledgeable witch would ward her home, so not every Tom, Dick or demon could drop in for a snack, and

b) it’s not always demons. The show used demons because demons are more dramatic)

Towards the end of last week’s post, I mentioned that you should

a) know what you’re doing, and
b) wear the protective gear (ie, ward and take other steps to protect yourself against negative experiences)

The best sources on this are mentors, teachers and classes from folks who know what they’re talking about, but we do have some posts on this blog that may also be of service

Here’s a post on the basics on how to ward (A Basic Warding)

And here’s some other posts on the basics in metaphysical protection

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That should be enough to get you started and I hope to add to the collection of posts on this topic in the future

The world of metaphysics is not all scary and negative, but, just like the physical world, there are some bad things out there, just as there are some good things

Let’s have fun, but let’s stay safe out there.

Practice safe hex






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