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Changing Times, Changing Worlds is happening this weekend, November 13-15,   in Northampton, Mass. and Foresight will be there!

9326_1158674559324_1001569448_30389645_5784384_n[1]Changing Times, Changing Worlds is an ecumenical metaphysical conference concerned with all things magickal, spiritual, alternative health and other metaphysical practices.

The conference includes a lot of great classes, many of them giving advanced information. It has a variety of panels, with assorted  views on major metaphysical topics. It has a open healing session and vendors.

And it has a lot of interesting knowledgeable people who are fun to talk with, including the psychics of Foresight. We’ll be there teaching classes and sitting on panels. Starwolf is teaching Wyrd 1004698_703875922957454_329553043_nScience and Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning. I’ll be teaching Kaizen, The Practical Empath, and A Touch of Acupressure (and there’s a lot to see besides us)

And we hope that we’ll see you too. Join us at Changing Times Changing Worlds






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