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You clear the energy of tools when they’re new, to be sure that they haven’t picked up other energy that  you don’t want and that could affect what you’re doing with them. You clear the energy of tools when you’ve had them for awhile, because even if you’re the only one using them, they may still pick up energy you don’t want them to carry.

You clear the energy of your tools when your inner wisdom tells you it’s time to clear them.

And, before we get into the various ways that you can clear the energy of tools,  lets start out with a step that you will use with just about every method of clearing your tools.

Let’s start with setting an intention.teal aura eyes C

As I’ve said before, setting an intention  just a fancy-schmancy way of setting a goal for what your energywork (be it spell, visualization, prayer or energy manipulation) is going to do. In this case, the intention will be something like “It is my intention that the ________ will clear any unwanted energy out of this tool, leaving it in perfect condition for me to work with.”

(Please note- those words are not exact and you may substitute a way of saying that that you feel comfortable with. The example is just to give you a template to work with.)

How do you set that intention? You can:

  • Think it.
  • Say it.
  • Chant it
  • Sing it.
  • Write it (once or as many times as seems right to you. Three is a magick number, for instance)
  • Put it out to the Universe in any other way that seems right to you.

And focus on your intention as you go ahead and do your clearing process- because energy flows where your attention goes.

Easy- peasy…

And now, we’re ready to go on to ways to clear your tools of unwanted energy…






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