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Born too early? Born too late? Or do you come from another place, or another plane,  or another universe altogether?

Well, this weekend at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is just for you. From Steampunk, to Star Wars, to Dr Who, to elves and dwarves, all time travelers are welcome this weekend

Saturday is the Cosplay Costume contest, the Clash of the Cupcakes, and Deaf Awareness day; and as the sun goes down, our Halloween Knights festivities begin (a ghostly event you won’t find any place else)

(Halloween Knights also happens next Saturday night, for those of you who can’t get here this Saturday, or for those of you who want to experience it more than once…)

Sunday is our Dr Who costume contest

and, as always, we’ll have the intrigue of the Elizabethan court, unlimited entertainment, amazing food, and astounding shopping, (including the psychics of Foresight)

Is your inner hero curious? For more information on this year’s Connecticut Renaissance Faire, please click here.

and then make time this weekend to visit the Connecticut Renaissance Faire






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