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The fall Connecticut Renaissance Faire is back and Queen Elizabeth rules starting this weekend on Saturdays, Sundays and Columbus Day from October 3 -25 at the North Haven Fairgrounds in North Haven, Ct. The Faire ushers in the age of Elizabeth with all of the color, pageantry, entertainment, intrigue and adventure that encompasses.

There’ll be music and laughter, damsels and nobles, villains and fabulous beasts. There’ll be feats of amazing skill and of derring do. There’ll be adventure and intrigue and romance and really good shopping and  turkey legs.

And the psychics of Foresight, of course.

And, hopefully, there’ll be you.

There are lots of lovely experiences that will be there every weekend, but there are also different special events that only happen on one weekend or one day, so you’ll want to check the website for the festival to decide when you want to come. (There’s so many interesting options, you may need to come more than once…)

The first weekend is Pet Weekend, so you might want to bring your fuzzy, feathered or scaly buddy (and don’t miss Halloween Knights the last two Saturdays of the Faire…)

Is your inner hero curious? For more information on this year’s Connecticut Renaissance Faire, please click here.

Hope to see you at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire






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