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We’ve been talking about things that fill your bucket and things that drain it. It’s important to do things to nurture yourself and make you feel good because that raises the level of your energetic field, and that not only feels great but also helps you to attract more positive things, people and experieces into your live and manifest them out of nowhere.

One of the big problems, though, is remembering to do those things to fill that bucket…

There are always people who are more than glad to remind us to do the things that drain and deplete us, but somehow, it’s a lot harder to remember to do things that raise our energy. If you’ve given it some thought, by now you’ve got a list of things that make you feel great and fill that bucket right up, but, for may of us, time races by and somehow those things don’t get done.

You need to build a habit of filling the bucket; and until you have Copy of Fotolia_44996157_Mthat habit, you may need reminders. You might consider:

  • Making an appointment with yourself on your calendar or in your planner
  • Reading through your list of things to fill your bucket every morning
  • Putting cue cards with simple prompts (Read. Smile. Chocolate) in places that you will se them frequently (next to the bathroom mirror. On your computer surround. Taped to your dashboard)
  • Keep out supplies for positive activities in places where you will see them (a lotion that smells good on the sink surround. A book that makes you laugh on your bedside table.)

Think of ways to make those positive activities visible, so you’ll remember to do them everyday

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