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Ever have one of those days when things all just seem to go wrong? And the more you try to put them to rights again, the worse things get?

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Had one of those yesterday. First the printer wouldn’t scan in a document I needed to email. Then the computer said to re-install one of the software suites.

Then, when I tried a system restore, to see if I could go back to when things were working, my browser kicked me out and wouldn’t open up again, and my antivirus flipped out and told me I was corrupted


Deep breath


and I only noticed then what was going on

Something would go wrong- which stressed me out- which dropped my energy to a lower vibration- which attracted more bad stuff- and something else would go wrong…..

Eeek! In certain cases, it’s lousy to be good at manifestation…

But it’s good to be aware, and to notice what I’m doing to myself

So what’d I do? I took a break. I walked away from the computer, took a ride to my favorite drivein, got a cherry coke and played music that I liked there and back

And when I returned, I was calmer and cooler, with some new ideas about how to approach this and some much better energy- and things resolved themselves surprisingly easily after that

Remember- sometimes you gotta hang in there and see things through-

But sometimes you gotta take a break….






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