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Some days are brilliant- full of light and love and laughter; and those kinds of days fill our buckets, and raise our vibration levels so that we attract more and more positive people and things and experiences.

Some days, on the other hand, are not

Sometimes our lives are full of stress and chaos and enthropy and everything seems to be falling apart. Some days are like being nibbled to death like baby ducks, and we find ourselves stuck in permanent cranky mode

and, when the things around us that are demanding our attention are unpleasant and negative, we tend to focus on them. That drains our buckets and drops our vibrations into more negative levels- and that attracts more negative stuff (which drops us further down into the negative spiral)

Copy of Fotolia_44996157_MFortunately, there’s something we can do about this…

When things are going wrong, the tendency is to put your focus on them. It’s true that you want to pay attention enough so you don’t further traumatize the loved one in crisis or drive into the pot hole that’s just opened up in front of you, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to give all of your attention to what’s going wrong

You can also put some of your focus on things going right. On people you love. On music that makes you want to move. On stories  that make you smile. and on all of the other things in life that bring you up again

and even that small amount of positive focus will fill your bucket a little bit, bring your energy back up and start attracting better things

(which raises your energy a little bit further)

When you’re surrounded by things falling apart, it’s sometimes hard to think of positive things to focus on. You know they’re out there, but you just can’t think of them right now

the trick is to be prepared

When life is good, or at least ok, sit down and make yourself a list of what’s good in your life. Make multiple copies of this list and put them where you can easily put your hands on them

Then the next time things go wrong, as soon as you get some breathing room, grab a copy of your list and focus on what’s good in your life.

Fill your bucket- and start attracting better things….

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