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Now, if you drop by here and read me a fair amount, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Free Will, our ability to choose the direction of our lives

That there is no Doom; there is no Fate,

there are only choices..

This rocks, but as I often say during a reading, Free Will also includes the right to choose badly.

The dumb things, the dysfunctional things, the self destructive things

And, for someone who’d frankly like to heal the world, that’s painful to watch

And now I’ve got to take my own advice. I have to respect someone else’s choice to continue to mess themselves up

I’m in an online correspondance with someone I’ve never met. It started as a comment on one of my books, where he thought he’d found a flaw in the book, clearly hadn’t read far enough, and outright said he didn’t think he’d get a response because “famous authors didn’t like to be corrected”

Gosh, was he surprised when I wrote back and told him the info he’d missed and the experiences it was based on

Well anyway, we got to writing back and forth about energywork and life and things like that. He said he had a miserable life, no friends, always oppressed and there was no way things could get better. I told him that there were ways to alter his energy so he could change his life and that he had free will so he could make choices At first, it seemed like he was thinking about this, but now he’s back to there’s no such thing as free will and everything’s predestined.

I can read between the lines. It’s easier to believe that he’s fated to be cursed (yes those are words he has used) than to think he might have choices which gives him some responsibility for his own situation.

One of my flaws is that I believe that, if I just explain things enough, people will see what belief is causing their problems and act on it. In this case, though, I’m going to have accept that it’s his right to hold onto this belief, even if it keeps him in misery

That hurts. But I can’t fix his life for him

So, I won’t ignore him, but I’m going to have to let go

I think some chocolate is indicated….






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