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Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about fear and stress (Things A Little Strained…) . How it can change your energy to a more negative level, which can cause you to attract more negative experiences. And some ideas about how to deal with that

and I thought that you might like to hear about the followup.

We’d been facing tech challenges, a tight budget and a whopping tax bill.

Stressful, right? You bet.

So I did some things to nurture myself and shift my energy into as positive a level as I could.

And, in the week that followed

  • we figured out how to deal with the tax bill.
  • the caseload on my day job began to climb again, and
  • after months of looking hard, Starwolf was offered a job- and at a higher rate than he was making before.

The last one is even more exciting when you realize that

  • he was looking in places online that he hadn’t before because I asked him to
  • he found out because of that that the online and physical world versions of job hunting agencies don’t always seem to share info with each other
  • he ran across a job fair that he wouldn’t have found if he wasn’t doing this
  • he popped into this faire
  • he found that the person who recruited him to that agency was gone, but the person he was talking to had something she thought he’d be a good fit for
  • he got an interview within a couple of days and was offered a job

Lots of co-incidences? Maybe- but the other co-incidence is that this happened right after I made a conscious effort to lift my energy to a more positive level.


So where’s your energy today?






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