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A few years ago, I did an online search on the topic of renaissance faires. I was surprised to find that a majority of what I could find online fell under three topics

Now those are all important topics, but there’s  a whole lot more to ren faires than just that.

And so, in the interest of spreading knowledge, I wrote a few articles and then moved on to another project.

I got to thinking about that lately and so I did another search, and you know what I found (other than my own articles, of course) ?

  • Information about specific faires (such as the Connecticut Renaissance Faire or the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire)
  • Information on what to wear at a renaissance faire
  • And articles about “My first visit to a renaissance faire”

Hmmm. Guess there’s still a need here.

So now I’m thinking of doing a small book about the other aspects of ren culture, like immersive entertainment, how to “speak foresoothly”  and what to expect at your first faire. I want to keep this a relatively short book, so I can keep it affordable, but I want to hit the points that people most need to know to have a great faire, no matter where they go.

And I’d like your input. What would you like to see in this kind of book? What information would be the most important to you?

Please comment on this post. Your input will help me to make this the most useful book possible







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