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When you’re creating a physical book, there are certain things that go at the front of the book before you get into the meat of the story or manuscript. When I’m setting up my template, I’ll finalize these when I’m closer to publication, but I start out by putting in place holders for the different pages, so I don’t miss anything when I go to finish the book.

I’ll change the color of the text, make it bold or italic, or do something else to indicate that these are unfinished pages that need to be completed. The pages I’ll put in are

  • Two blank end papers, labelled Blank (These can be omitted, but you’ll tend to see them in traditionally published books, and they give you a good place to autograph your work, so I’d include them.)
  • Pages for testimonials about this book, if you have them
  • Pages for testimonials about any other books you’ve written (I tend to have 2 for the present book and 2 for all of my other books at this point, but do what works for you)
  • Simple title page- just the title
  • “Also by” page with the names of any books you have out
  • Full title page- title, author, publisher
  • copyright page- date, statement about no reproduction without permission, ISBN number, publisher again
  • dedication page- (for the person you want to specifically honor with this book)
  • acknowledgements (other people who helped that you want to say thanks to)
  • Table of Contents

After that, I usually do a section break, so the book itself starts in a new section. Once I do that section break, I start numbering the first page of the book itself “1”

This is the basic list. If you have questions about what to put more specifically on these pages, looking at other books should give you some ideas

This is how you do this for a physical book, It’s a little different for an e- book, but we’ll talk about that in a future post






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