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You’ve got your topic. You’ve got a basic idea of the different points that you want to cover. You’ve put those points in some kind of order, keeping in mind that you can add or subtract points or change the order later on if it makes more sense.

Good stuff. That’s a good beginning.

Now sit back, look at what you’ve done so far, and take a moment to think about how you want to write it.

Some people are linear writers. To paraphrase the Red Queen, they start at the beginning, go to the end and then stop.

Other people jump around. They get a lot more energy and motivation by working on the part of the book that’s speaking to them right now,  and then pulling all of the lovely pieces together at the end.

Either of these is a legitimate method.

I used to be more linear, but as time has gone on, I’ve found that I really do best by building the framework for my book (as we’ve done up to now), writing what parts of the book speak to me on a particular day and plugging it into that framework. Because I did my framework first, I know what I want to cover in any particular chapter, what points came before and after (so that I can build on things that came earlier in the book) and where I’m going with the whole thing so that I can steer true towards the book’s conclusion. At the end of the process, I will have to do a read through to make sure that everything got in and that the writing flows smoothly from one point to the next, as part of my initial edit, but that’s a small price to pay for having more energy, excitement and fun as I write.

I write out of order. What kind of writer are you- linear or time traveller?






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