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In my last writing process post, I talked about different ways to chose a topic (The Writing Process- Ideas, Ideas).

The next step- now that you have a topic, what do you want to say about it?

Some people mull it over and get the book clear in their heads before committing it to paper or their computers. Some people will brainstorm or use a process such as mind mapping to get all of their points out in front of them. (A mind map is a way of developing and capturing ideas using a picture based diagram. It taps into both sides of the brain and is kinda fun. For more information, check out this article.)

When I’m in the initial stages of writing a book, I’ll save a blank doc under the working title of the book. Once that’s done, I write down a quick phrase for every point that I think I might possibly want to include in the book. I don’t bother to evaluate them or put them in order yet- the objective is to capture every thought that might belong in it so I don’t miss something. I may take several days to mull the topic over and add points to the document, working on it at different times of day and different levels of energy/tiredness.

This not only captures all possible points but also gives me an idea of whether there’s enough material in this topic for a book or not, and whether I might need to widen the topic, or focus it to a tighter one

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