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…and who wouldn’t want to catch the romance (and the fantasy) of the Middle Ages  at the  Connecticut Renaissance Faire   at 14 Stott Ave in Norwich, Ct?

There’ll be dancing and singing, entertainment of types you’ve never seen before, amazing shopping, great food and King Henry the VIII, who always keeps things lively.

And the psychics of Foresight, of course, doing readings and selling Catherine’s books.

Saturday is the Babes in Bodices contest and the Clash of the Cupcakes. Sunday is the Men in Kilts Contest and the Singles Mingle event. On both days, renew your vows with the Pope.

and Saturday night is the first of two Halloween Knights events, with extra hours beyond the normal hours of faire when the dead are free to roam our faire, culminating in an unearthly joust to be seen nowhere else.

(this dance seen at previous Halloween Knights- who knows what will happen this weekend?…)

Special entertainment this weekend is Topsy Turvy Jypsy Jesters, Skarazula and Zoltan the Adequate

It’s another wonderful weekend to visit the Middle Ages…

Five glorious weekends, from Sept 27-Oct 26, including Columbus Day, each one with it’s own individual theme and activities, in addition to all of the wonderful stuff that happens every weekend. It’s so nice, you’ll want to do it twice.

Want more information? Check here Pick a day to go…or two…or even more

And join us at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire






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