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When you’re in kindergarten, one of the first things that you learn is the buddy system. When the teacher says “Find your buddy”, you’re supposed to find the other little child you’re paired up with so that you can keep track of each other as you walk together to the lunch room or the play ground or the class room.

It’s not a bad system.

And then we grow up. And we forget about the buddy system.

Maybe we shouldn’t….

The buddy system can be a good thing.

When you’re trying to achieve something- wouldn’t it be good to have someone who’d

  • support your efforts?
  • cheer you on?
  • pick up some responsibilities so you have time to work on your goal?
  • let you know if you lose track of where you’re headed?
  • believe in you?

When you’re sick- wouldn’t it be good to have someone who’d

  • notice when you’re looking whoozy?
  • bring you soup?
  • run out to get you antihistamines or jello?
  • remind you to take your ibuprofen?
  • sooth your fevered brow?

The hubby and I were a little under the weather recently, and we took it in turns to be each other’s buddy and stagger together back in the direction of health again. It was good to have each other to lean on, even if we were both leaning at the same time.

A romantic partner can be good for this, but anyone can be your buddy to help you have a better life

So find your buddy

and keep track of each other as we all move towards our dreams.






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