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Hamburgers can be a problem to cook. Too short a cooking time and you have burgers that are semi-raw inside, a potential health problem. Too long a cooking time and you have shriveled hockey pucks. How I have managed to get burgers that are both well done and still moist is through a combination of poaching and pan frying. First you briefly fry the patties so that they are browned on both sides. Next you put 2 cups of cold water into the pan and let to water and the burgers come to a boil. Let the pan boil dry, flip the burgers , and add 2 more cups of water. When the pan has boiled dry a second time the burgers will be done through ,and still moist. If you wish you can then deglaze the pan with beef broth and wine to make what is called a “pan sauce” for the burgers along with some mushrooms and a bit of butter.

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Starwolf 09/07/2014

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